Thursday, 31 May 2012

Tonight Was Hard But Tomorrow Will Be Better...

It's 11:47pm, EST....and I'm heading to bed now. I had a frustrating night with my 8yr old son, and my daughter...who's 16yrs old too, who also gave a run for it this afternoon...over a phone. So I will vent now and not hold it because it is not good to go to bed upset at your children, partner, dog, cat, whomever. So I hand it over to you Lord....please be my guidance in helping me rear my 2 children because even though I have a partner, and they have their respective father's....I swear I feel alone. So if tonight, you too had a rough night...say goodbye to it now...."GOOD BYE"....and breathe in just like I did while I's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. I didn't think I could type and breathe deeply in one felt swoop, but hey...I just did. Please, do the same and say goodnight to your child/kids. Kiss them over the head and tell em' you love em' and only want the best for them....because that's all I want for my Soli & Natey...the best. Good Night everyone...and thank you Blog...this is good for me...until soon and I hope you'll come to enjoy my "Evening Posts"...let them tuck you in for the's 11:52pm, EST....Good Night....Love Laura

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