Monday, 4 June 2012

Altered Wooden Picture Frame Layout

Hello again everyone! I'm taking the time post some updated projects I've been working on since Friday night, which I think came out wonderful. This particular project came from those $1 wooden picture frames from Michael's. I have so many of those hanging around, so I decided to dedicate the project to my sweet boy, Nathaniel. I used the thick, heart-shaped diecut that came w/the frame & cut his picture around so cute! I used several premade diecuts that fit the bill w/their colors & patterns too...but unfortunately I don't know the name of the line/collection. The main patterned paper was just 1 sheet of the MME Lost & Found Plaid "Sunshine" more of that paper because I used the rest to make small note cards!!! I love the way this project came out....did I mention that before cuz if I did...sorry...LOL! Thanks again for passing by to look at my projects as I'm trying to update everything tonight...Love Laura:-)

12x12 "Best Friend" Scrapbook Layout

Hi everyone...I'm so proud of the way this simple, but pretty scrapbook layout came out. I used several embellishments that I had hanging around the house for a while and mixed them up with my own handmade, diecut flowers...and wala...a pretty flower cluster in the corner. I also took a Recollections 12" embellishment, cut it up, removed the bling, distressed it w/the Studio G' brown inker, & used my hot glue gun to place some distressed pearls on where the bling use to lay. If you take a look on the lower left hand side of the photo, I placed a small envelope that I made using the cream & brown script mulberry paper from Recollections, which I absolutely love! The puffy flower stickers are from Momenta, which I purchased at Big Lots over a year ago, so again....just trying to use what I have even though I broke...BIG spending freeze! That's alright....I went down with a fight, and I didn't go down alone...I had some purchasing thieves with me too....LOLOLOL! Thank you all for passing by and looking. This is my 1st post to this wonderful blog since last week and I'd like to dedicate a bit more time to it, so please be patient as I figure it all out! Hey, if it wasn't for Peggy, it wouldn't even be here, so here's to you Peggy!!!

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Tonight Was Hard But Tomorrow Will Be Better...

It's 11:47pm, EST....and I'm heading to bed now. I had a frustrating night with my 8yr old son, and my daughter...who's 16yrs old too, who also gave a run for it this afternoon...over a phone. So I will vent now and not hold it because it is not good to go to bed upset at your children, partner, dog, cat, whomever. So I hand it over to you Lord....please be my guidance in helping me rear my 2 children because even though I have a partner, and they have their respective father's....I swear I feel alone. So if tonight, you too had a rough night...say goodbye to it now...."GOOD BYE"....and breathe in just like I did while I's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. I didn't think I could type and breathe deeply in one felt swoop, but hey...I just did. Please, do the same and say goodnight to your child/kids. Kiss them over the head and tell em' you love em' and only want the best for them....because that's all I want for my Soli & Natey...the best. Good Night everyone...and thank you Blog...this is good for me...until soon and I hope you'll come to enjoy my "Evening Posts"...let them tuck you in for the's 11:52pm, EST....Good Night....Love Laura


I am very happy to be posting my very 1st Blog Post! Thank you Peggy for helping me through this and creating me such a beautiful Blog that I am so proud of! This is my 1st post, so again please be patient as I navigate through this new site for me....thank you again Peggy....Your Friend in Massachusetts....Love Laura

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